Solidarity days

Jaunpils novads
13 - 18 November ‘17

At the occasion of the EDLS 2017, the Latvian Association of local and regional governments (LALRG) will organize a cultural and political exchange with its neighboring country, Moldova, introducing the SDGs agenda. Between 13-18 November, secondary and adult schools from the region of Jaunpils (Latvia) will be introduced to the Moldovan folklore through concerts, art contests and games. A delegation of local representatives from Moldova will visit the region with the aim of strengthening ties and fostering dialogue. Come and learn with us!


The Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments unifies on a voluntary principle the 119 local governments of Latvia. LALRG represents local governments in national and EU related policy negotiations. It has implemented a range of different projects, including development cooperation, training and capacity building projects, among others. | | @lps_lv