SDGs local campaign

Maastricht and others cities in The Netherlands
10 - 24 November ‘17

LBSNN aims to foster Dutch-Nicaraguan municipalities‘ partnership. As part of LBSNN‘s first participation in the EDLS, a Nicaraguan muralist painter will visit Dutch primary schools between the 13th of September and the 3rd of December, to help pupils build up a mural on the 17 SDGs. Pupils will also have the experience of living in a real Nicaraguan village thanks to the Mobile Studio and will listen to amazing stories about “World citizenship” presented by storyteller Gerard Sonnemans. The Vice-mayor of Maastricht, among other local authorities’ representatives, will share with pupils some of these experiences and discuss with them on the city council action for sustainable development.


The National Town-Twinning Council Netherlands-Nicaragua (Landelijk Beraad Stedenbanden Nederland-Nicaragua, LBSNN) is a sub-national membership-based local government association supporting cooperation and exchanges with a sister network in Nicaragua, in cooperation with the national Association of Municipalities of Nicaragua (AMUNIC). LBSNN has recently joined the PLATFORMA network