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  1. Solidarity Festival in Nantes Metropole

    10 - 11 November – Nantes
    Nantes Métropole

    In its first time as EDLS partner, Nantes Metropole (France) has prepared a 2-day program of exchanges, learning and celebration with a focus on the concept of “reciprocity”!

  2. European Days of Local Solidarity in Getxo

    11 and 16 November – Getxo
    Euskal Fondoa

    How to build up partnerships between local governments, the private sector and civil society for effective sustainable development for all?

  3. Solidarity days

    13 - 18 November – Jaunpils novads

    At the occasion of the EDLS 2017, the Latvian Association of local and regional governments (LALRG) will organize a cultural and political exchange with its neighboring country, Moldova

  4. European Days of Local Solidarity in Italy

    13 November – Venise

    This year, the Italian association of local and regional governments (AICCRE) has chosen the unique setting of the city of Venice (Italy) to promote Italian cities´ action for global sustainable development.

  5. Local actors in Development Education

    15 November – Barcelona
    DiBa, GENCAT

    Diputació de Barcelona will organize a conference focused on concrete actions promoted by municipalities in the field of awareness raising on development issues.

  6. Good practices lab on cooperation at the local level

    16 November – Palma de Mallorca
    Fons Mallorquí

    Fons Mallorquí invites local elected officials and staff along with local Non-Governamental and Civil Society Organisations to come to exchange and discuss on current trends regarding decentralised cooperation!

  7. Localising the SDGs

    16 November – Mérida

    AEXCID organises a thematic conference on the "localisation of the SDGs", in which European experiences from different local horizons will be flagged up and discussed.

  8. Launching Festisol Solidarity Festival in France!

    18 November – Paris
    Ville de Paris

    On 18 November, the City of Paris will host the official launching of the Festival des Solidarités, a long-standing annual festival with more than 20 years of experience gathering all actors actively engaged in solidarity.

  9. Cities and regions together for development education

    20 November - Brussels

    Join PLATFORMA in its first Brussels EDLS event to discuss on development education and citizen mobilisation with our partners, EU representatives and key European actors.

  10. Culture and human rights

    23 November – Catalonia
    Generalitat de Catalunya

    Movie projection of Silencio del Río by Carlos Tribiño. Between 10 to 26 November, "Libraries without frontiers", a series of narrative sessions in 5 public libraries in Catalonia.

  11. SDGs local campaign

    24 November – Maastricht

    LBSNN aims to foster Dutch-Nicaraguan municipalities’ partnership. As part of LBSNN’s first participation in the EDLS, a Nicaraguan muralist painter will visit Dutch primary schools to build a mural on the 17 SDGs.

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